San Francisco’s New Recreational Cannabis Legislation, Explained …

Last month, Supervisor Jeff Sheehy and Mayor Ed Lee introduced two new sweeping pieces of legislation regulating adult recreational cannabis for the first time in San Francisco history. We take a close look at their proposed legislation and what it means.

Much Ado About Nothing… For Now

There are still no existing City laws that regulate the adult use of recreational cannabis. Proposition 64 legalized recreational cannabis last year, but that state law allows local jurisdictions to enforce their own rules. There is a San Francisco ordinance regulating medical cannabis, but it is considered to be a significantly different sphere of enforcement than recreational cannabis.

Sheehy’s legislation creates  entirely new sections of the Police Code and Planning Code in an attempt to bridge the gap between San Francisco’s existing medical cannabis law and the future regulations that the state law requires. 

New Business Permits

The bill identifies 8 unique

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