Why Colorado Tokers Love Smurfette

Smurfette’s mysterious origins are as alluring as its aroma. At every dispensary where I’ve found it, employees have said that they didn’t know its genetics and that it came from a wholesale grower they declined to name. I did locate a chain of pot shops in Oregon that carries Smurfette, but it lists the lineage as Northern Lights, Skunk #1 and a Dutch sativa, which are the genetics for White Smurf, a sativa-leaning strain with more floral notes. Smurfette’s cereal-like smell and peaceful high just don’t match up with that description.

Although my push for a scratch ’n’ sniff cover of Smurfette for this week’s paper didn’t pan out, I hope my description does the strain justice. A melody of blueberries, strawberries, candied apples and a bit of piney wood create an unforgettable smell that I’d put right up there with Alien Rock Candy or Tangie. However, the strain’s taste, though

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