California Medical Board Adopting New Cannabis Guidelines

“Thankfully absent” from the guidelines the California board will vote on today, according to Steve Robinson, MD, are provisions that would allow only a patient’s primary physician to approve their use of cannabis; create a registry of cannabis-using patients; require that a patient be seen in person before an initial approval is issued; make cannabis a treatment of last resort (after the pharmaceuticals have failed); and trigger investigations of physicians based on number of approvals issued.

Robinson is concerned that a “Decision Tree” developed by the CMCR as an attachment to the MBC guidelines could yet make cannabis a treatment of last resort. (See graphic below.)  Given the CMCR’s prestige, the medical board’s power, and the fact that very few physicians have had any education with respect to cannabis, the handy “Decision Tree” is likely to be widely used.

Dr. Robinson comments,

“The proposed Decision

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