New provincial marijuana corporation will control weed sales and close illegal ‘dispensaries’

To corner the market for the government, the Cannabis Act would stiffen penalties for individuals or corporations convicted of illegally selling or distributing marijuana and for landlords who rent their properties to them.

These penalties include fines of up to $1 million for a corporation and $100,000 for individual scofflaws plus jail sentences of up to two years less a day.

Only those 19 and over can buy, consume, or grow cannabis and it can only be consumed in private homes. Its use will be prohibited in all public places, workplaces, or in cars, trucks, and boats.

Up to four cannabis plants can be grown in private homes for personal use.

Naqvi said the legislation, which should pass before MPPs break for Christmas, would toughen penalties for motorists who drive stoned with increased fines and jail time.

The new law will “clarify” the rules and give municipalities the tools to finally shut

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