Novus MedPlan Benefits Cannabis Patients and Businesses

Novus MedPlan is a supplemental health plan that focuses on reducing patients’ costs for medical marijuana and hemp/CBD, and Novus Chairman and CEO Frank Labrozzi said the program has value not only for patients, but also for dispensaries and cultivators.

The plan can reduce patients’ costs associated with alternative, naturopathic, dental, vision and diabetic care, as well as prescriptions and imaging, in addition to providing savings on medical cannabis, according to the company’s website.

Novus partners with companies to direct patient members to the companies’ products, which are displayed on the MedPlan’s online portal. Novus applies the health plan’s discount on products, but the transaction occurs between the patient and company directly when members make a purchase, Labrozzi said. To sell their products at the discounted price, partnering companies should be vertically integrated, Labrozzi said, so they can more easily afford the discount. Novus offers its partnering companies

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