Ontario’s new cannabis law will see dispensaries heavily fined, public consumption outlawed

Ontario has made its stance on illegal dispensaries and public cannabis consumption clear with the bill it tabled earlier today.

If passed, the bill will regulate the sale and distribution of cannabis in the province once legalization is implemented in July 2018.

Flying in the face of public opposition to its September announcement, the province’s  answer to the federal Cannabis Act maintains that the only legal sale of cannabis will be conducted at government-run storefronts, or through online services managed by the province.

The legislation creates the Ontario Cannabis Retail Corporation (OCRC), which will distribute recreational cannabis to adults over 19 through 40 standalone stores as of next summer, with plans to build 150 in total.

Ontario’s Cannabis Act also prohibits the use of cannabis in public places, workplaces, and all motor vehicles, which means recreational users will only be permitted to consume cannabis in private residences. On a first offence, an individual

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