Parents say state threatened to take their daughter after they treated …

A mother and father from southern Indiana want to tell their story after they say DCS threatened to take away their daughter because they chose to treat her seizures with cannabidiol oil or CBD instead of what the doctors at Riley Hospital for Children prescribed.

Twenty-month-old Jaelah Jerger suffers from myoclonic seizures. Some days her parents say she experiences up to 40 seizures. After little resolve her parents decided to use a legal cannabis extract to give Jaelah some relief. However, doctors at Riley prescribed a pharmaceutical the family didn’t want to use.

“Our daughter was medically kidnapped by the state of Indiana by them forcing us to give her that medicine Keppra otherwise they were going to take her away from us that is the direct term of medical kidnapping period,” said Jade Jerger, Jaelah’s father.

The Jerger family says Jaelah saw a 95% reduction in seizures with the CBD oil. But when

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