Supervisors Propose New Restrictions On Cannabis Dispensaries …

While San Francisco lawmakers work to establish new rules for recreational cannabis, members of the Board of Supervisors’ Land Use and Transportation Committee yesterday proposed restricting the number of new dispensaries in their districts. 

The Planning department made recommendations to the BOS in late October to impose a 1,000-foot buffer between cannabis dispensaries and schools, flip-flopping on a previous recommendation to reduce the number to 600 feet, which is the minimum required by state law.

The committee agreed, and implemented the 1,000-foot rule in a 2–1 vote with Supervisors Mark Farrell and Katy Tang in support, and Supervisor Jeff Sheehy opposed. 

Critics believe the restrictions create a so-called “green zone” where cannabis dispensaries become clustered in areas permitted by current zoning laws.

Some also say the increased buffer defies the will of voters, as 74 percent of San Franciscans approved Proposition 64, which in addition to legalizing recreational cannabis,

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