Why Colorado Tokers Love Strawberries & Dream

Although very similar in lineage and name, Strawberries Dream and Strawberry Dream are different strains. Strawberry Dream is bred from Strawberry Cough and Blue Dream, while its highfalutin’ cousin demands an ampersand and is bred from Pipe Dream — a hybrid of Blue Dream and Bio-Diesel — instead of Blue Dream. Strawberry Dream is slightly easier to find on the street, but for me, the effects of both Strawberry strains are virtually identical, keeping my mind on a steady uplift as anxiety and stress melt away. The smells and flavors differ, though. Strawberry Dream follows the Strawberry Cough mold, with sweet, heavy scents and flavors of sugary strawberries, while Strawberries Dream has more tart, skunky notes, from Pipe Dream’s Haze background.

If you’re lucky enough to come across either version while shopping for an active sativa, take the plunge. The views on your hike will pop,

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