VIBERT: Strictly regulated legal pot environment expected

Nova Scotians thinking that next July they’ll be able to nip down to the corner pot shop whenever they want might want to chill until they see the province’s plan.

Cannabis will be legal next summer but the rules and regulations are yet to come and Nova Scotia, along with the other Atlantic provinces, will create tightly-controlled, strictly-regulated environments.

Last week, the province wrapped up its online survey asking Nova Scotians for opinions on a variety of questions about cannabis control and access.

The provincial law and regulations will be consistent with Justice Minister Mark Furey’s statement that the top priority “is to protect the health and safety of Nova Scotians.”

Legalization is a federal decision but it falls to the provinces to determine the character of the trade, including marketing, sales, distribution and taxation.

Like most provinces, the Nova Scotia government will position its regulatory regime as being all about health, with revenue-generation down

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