Five Factors Holding Back UK Cannabis Businesses

This guest post is provided by Lisa K. of UK-based Legalize It We Think So.

Over in the United States, established businesses and entrepreneurs are already making the most of a multi-billion-dollar legal cannabis industry. In the UK, attempting to get by in a cannabis-based field at any level is borderline impossible.

The way things stand right now, legal cannabis just isn’t a thing in Great Britain. Hence the recent harrowing accounts of kids being shipped overseas with their parents to start new lives abroad, simply to be able to access the medical cannabis they need to get by.

A troubling situation, but sadly one that doesn’t seem to be going anywhere in the near future at last.

From a business perspective, the frustration of the whole thing is easy to understand. Particularly when such enormous advances are being made overseas on a daily basis. The unfortunate truth for

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