BBDO Toronto Creates Three New Strains Of Grass To Convey The Dire Consequences of Driving High

BBDO Toronto has partnered with R.I.D.E. CHECKS and medical marijuana producer, Beleave, to create “Consequence Strains,” three new cannabis strains that expose the consequences of driving high

The cannabis information resource lists 779 known marijuana strains, yet whimsical names like Laughing Grass and Candy Cane Brain fail to convey the potentially life-changing consequences of smoking and driving.

High driving is on the rise in Canada. Nearly 500,000 Canadians have admitted to driving after using marijuana in the past year, and these numbers are expected to increase substantially when recreational marijuana becomes legal in 2018. 

BBDO Toronto and R.I.D.E. CHECKS have collaborated with Beleave, a licensed producer of medical cannabis, to create three new cannabis strains to expose the consequences of driving high.

The three new “Consequence Strains” – Kourtoom Kush, White Whiplash and Slammer Time – are being introduced to the public through a new online documentary, influencer outreach and the R.I.D.E. CHECKS

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