Beyond THC: An intro to Terpenes

After writing my review of Grease Monkey, I got curious. Like many, I find myself easily attracted to the higher THC numbers we’re seeing at the stores. I’ve allowed that to be a determining factor when choosing a variety to enjoy, but I know better. I’ve researched this plant enough to know that THC is only one factor to consider and that while it has a time and place, it isn’t always the end all be all.

In an effort to broaden my horizons, I made a visit to one of my favorite neighborhood pot shops, Enlighten. It’s close to my Anchorage home and happens to employ one of my favorite budtenders, Jonathan.

If you’re a patron of Enlighten you’ve likely met him. He’s been with them since shortly after their opening. I appreciate his knowledge and his passion for the plant. Sometimes when I talk to budtenders  I get

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