New Jersey Should Legalize Marijuana | American Civil Liberties …

New Jersey stands at a crossroads on a defining civil rights struggle of our time: the enforcement of unjust marijuana possession laws. Each year, New Jersey police have set new records for marijuana possession arrests, making the largest number ever in 2015: 24,985. Enforcement of marijuana prohibition exacerbates deep racial disparities in our criminal justice system and costs taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars annually.

All of this for a substance that the majority of New Jerseyans and Americansin both major political parties — believe should be legal.

New Jersey has only one real option: to legalize marijuana. But legalization alone is not enough. We need policies that advance racial justice to repair the damage wrought by discriminatory enforcement of drug laws.

With a new gubernatorial administration and state legislative session in 2018, legalization of marijuana possession for adults is within our sights. But we have

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