Piedmont’s proposed cannabis rules keeps ban on dispensaries

PIEDMONT — The Piedmont City Council had its first public look at the city’s new cannabis rules at its  regular meeting Monday night.

The regulations, which if approved will go into effect when marijuana is legalized in California Jan. 1, keeps the city’s current prohibition of operating a cannabis dispensary in town. Changes include allowing residents to grow up to six marijuana plants in a locked room inside their homes — not outside — and allowing for cannabis delivery services within specified hours.

The proposed Piedmont ordinance says that residents of a home not occupied by the owner, like renters, have to get the owner’s permission to grow marijuana plants. It also says deliveries may not occur between 9 p.m. and 7 a.m. City staff said this curfew will reduce nuisances caused by delivery like idling cars, the opening and closing of car doors and parking issues.

Council member Betsy Andersen asked Piedmont

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