Cannabis Breeding Basics

Patrick Pooler knows that an individual’s success is built with the help of a supportive community. Without his mother’s support, Pooler never would have made it to Oregon to attend Windells Snowboard camp in 2004. Without attending Windells, Pooler never would have made long-lasting friends who introduced him to the West Coast cannabis culture. And without those friends, Pooler never would have become the owner of Sandy, Ore.-based Heroes of the Farm.

Community is a big part of Pooler’s personal and business ethos: He would rather lose a sale than a friend. “My company was originally built on those friendships, because before this was an industry, this was a community,” he says.

And since industry friends helped him launch this company, Pooler now is doing his best to pay it forward.

A drone-view of Heroes of the Farm at the base of Mt. Hood in Sandy, Ore.


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