Super Slackers: Exclusive Clip from Simpsons Animator’s New …

“You can’t let a single bad experience scare you away from drugs,” Dr. Hubbard advised on The Simpsons, and 420TV is taking that diagnosis seriously funny by offering multiple chances to get experienced. The premium cannabis news, entertainment, and lifestyle OTT channel will flame up their January 2018 launch with Super Slackers, a new, first-run animated series they copped from David Silverman, long-time director and animator of The Simpsons. The channel may be just what the doctor ordered, but he advises caution because objects may appear more edible than they actually are while watching.

“I couldn’t imagine a more fitting home for Super Slackers than 420TV, with its appeal to a very open-minded, socially connected audience,” Silverman said in a statement.

Super Slackers was created and directed by Silverman, written by Joelle Sellner (Sonic Boom), and animated by Mike Blum (Pipsqueak). Intended for mature audiences, the series is a “ridiculous comedy about a group of lazy

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