New Austrian Government Plans Ban for Cannabis Seeds and Clones

The new right-wing government of Austria plans to ban the “sale of hemp plants and hemp seeds.” In Austria’s narcotic drug law, no distinction is made between cannabis and hemp. Hemp containing up to 0.3 percent THC is legal and everything else is treated as an addictive substance that’s illegal.

In the recently published government program, a small, inconspicuous announcement on page 44 is one of many measures of a planned criminal law reform. Such a move of the governing parties ÖVP (Austria people’s Party/conservative) and FPÖ (Right Wing Liberals/populistic) would cripple the country’s cannabis industry to its foundation.

In Austria, the plants have been sold for decades for the purpose of “aromatherapy and decoration,” but owners are not permitted to let their plants bloom. However, it’s no secret that most of the thousands upon thousands of clones sold are destined for grow-boxes or -tents, providing their owners

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