Community advisory group on cannabis members take look back on the process

The work of the community advisory group, a citizen’s panel created to made recommendations for a new cannabis ordinance, is done.

The 16-member group, which met in May for the first time, held its final meeting last week. Composed of people from different backgrounds and holding beliefs about marijuana, the panel cobbled together draft recommendations that will proceed Jan. 9 to the Nevada County Board of Supervisors.

Those recommendations include proposed zoning restrictions for grows, grow sizes and property line setbacks.

Forrest Hurd, a member of the group and advocate for medicinal cannabis, said the proposed recommendations are much closer to what he wants than he initially thought possible.

“I’m very optimistic with the progress that we’ve made,” he said. “I hope people understand how much work and time has gone into getting us to this point.”

The panel met 10 times

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