New Cannabis-Infused Dinner Parties Hit Chicago

On Monday night, Herbal Notes, a California-based supper club that serves cannabis-infused meals, held its first pop-up in Chicago. Most attendees had their medical marijuana cards. Those that didn’t were served THC-free meals, but were encouraged to participate in the conversation. The dinner is six-courses long and costs $125. While the next date isn’t set, those interested can sign up to be in the know when the next one becomes available. Cannabis is currently decriminalized in Chicago, with a functional medical marijuana program. Many hope this is the road to legalization in Illinois. This dinner was held at a loft-type space, but expect locations to be secret and only given out on the day of the event. The Herbal Notes team works to make the experience private, safe, and fun for everyone. A few other local chefs have stated their work on edibles (Mindy Segal and

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