California’s New Packaging Rules Bring Price Bump for Retailers

California’s new cannabis market brings a litany of new rules, including some aimed at cracking down on the whimsy of weed packaging. Cartoon logos will be no more, and it will be RIP to the dime bag—as we know it, at least.

The new regulations will eventually mean big changes in how producers and processors package their wares, with new mandates around labeling and child safety. But during the first several months of legal sales, says Nick Kovacevich, CEO of packaging manufacturer Kush Bottles, it will likely be dispensaries that see additional cost.

“Most of the burden upfront is going to be on the retailer,” he said.

Under rules for the state’s new marketplace, set to launch in some parts of the state on Jan. 1, customers’ cannabis purchases must be in child-resistant “exit bags” when they leave a store. Products must also be placed in an opaque

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