Morocco’s Evolving Cannabis Industry: Droughts and Demands for New Strains Push Farmers to Innovate

This post marks the first in a series on the changing nature of the cannabis industry in Morocco. In upcoming issues of DOPE Magazine, Seshata will team up with an opium and cannabis specialist, geographer Pierre-Arnaud Chouvy, to provide our readership with expert, detailed analysis on the situation in the Rif, Morocco’s main hub of cultivation. First, here’s a brief introduction to the changing varieties of cannabis currently grown in the Rif. 

Morocco’s cannabis industry is dramatically changing, and one of the most obvious signs of this shift is in the new varieties of cannabis now grown in the country.

In the last decade or so, the cultivation of new cannabis varieties has dramatically intensified. In this time period, the cannabis seed industry in Europe has developed significantly, and the consumer market has developed a connoisseur taste for new varieties.

Varieties that win awards in the cannabis trade shows and events,

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