CBD Wellness Guide Launches to Educate On Medicinal Benefits of Cannabidiol

CBDWellnessGuide.com is a new website featuring information on the medicinal benefits of cannabidiol (CBD). The site will utilize videos, infographics, articles, and forums to help those seeking information on CBD develop a deeper understanding using the mediums with which they are most comfortable. A dedicated team of passionate, professional writers, designers, and videographers are gearing up to produce new content on a weekly basis. CBD Wellness Guide hopes to become a valuable information source not only for consumers, but for businesses, academics, and researchers who are interested in the efficacies of CBD.

According to the press release, CBD Wellness Guide is intended to be an impartial and fact-based resource for information obtained from research journals, article, news releases, case studies, interviews, and contributions from experts in CBD for medicinal use.CBDWellnessGuide.com is sponsored and made possible by a grant from CBD distributor, High Country Group, LLC. Phoenix-based cannabis marketing firm RD

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