5 Problems Facing California’s New Cannabis Economy

The harvest is in and the first day of legal commercial sales of adult-use marijuana has passed. But the California cannabis industry is not saved. There are problems facing California’s new cannabis economy

Uncertainty and speculation take the place of facts and figures. Many of the same problems that plagued us way back in December, when everything was “still just medical,” harry us still. And they demand answers.

Lost in nearly all of the heady coverage from Jan. 1, when crowds lined up in the darkness a few hours into the New Year to buy a taxed-and-(somewhat)-regulated gram of legal marijuana, are the unfinished business and unresolved questions looming in the shadows. They’re too big to ignore and could make the marijuana industry too unwieldy, problematic, or expensive to succeed.

In terms of problems facing California’s new cannabis economy, here’s what’s keeping us down:


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