Are Your Strain Names Bait for a Lawsuit?

All cultivation outfits encounter challenges. From build-out blunders to permit problems, there’s no telling what issues a grower might be staring down when he or she gets out of bed each day. Some, however, face bigger hurdles than others. Delta Mantra, an indoor grow operation in Portland, Ore., and its owner/CEO, Jay Ponciano, know this all too well.

Ponciano went back-and-forth with the city of Portland for all of 2017 to mid-2018, navigating administrative red tape for more than a year trying to obtain the proper permits. The city was threatening to shut them down. The landlord was threatening to kick them out. Ponciano was at a loss; the situation was bleak. Then things got worse.

As Ponciano was racing the clock to obtain permits and prevent a shutdown, Delta Mantra was robbed—its entire inventory ($129,000 worth of product) gone. The robbery forced Ponciano to temporarily close Delta Mantra,

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