Oregon’s New Cannabis Harvest Notification Rules Target State’s Diversion Problem

Medical marijuana patients in Georgia can legally possess cannabis oil, but with a law that doesn’t allow cultivation or dispensing, an obvious question persists: How are patients supposed to access their medicine?

According to Georgia’s medical marijuana law, patients who obtain a “Low THC Oil Registry Card” can legally possess up to 20 fluid ounces of “low THC oil,” but it remains unclear how patients can access this oil, as the law does not allow for the cultivation of cannabis or the sale of cannabis oil in the state. Lt. Governor Casey Cagle tasked the newly formed Low THC Medical Oil Access Commission with finding ways to improve access to cannabis oil; the group will hold the first of a series of public meetings later this month. While advocates are encouraged, many obstacles still exist in bringing the oil to qualified patients.

“Georgia’s ‘medical marijuana law’ is not a medical marijuana law,”

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