Cannabis Companies Cash In On The Soothing Effects of CBD Oil

The health benefits of CBD oil extend far past anxiety and neurological pain disorders. The same anti-inflammatory properties that make CBD oil so effective against seizures are also being applied to skin disorders. The University of Colorado is conducting a study examining the effects CBD has on psoriasis and eczema. CBD’s naturally antibacterial and analgesic (pain relieving) compounds are bringing patients with itchy skin almost instantaneous relief.

According to the study, topical CBD creams and lotions are considered a healthy alternative to steroid creams. And unlike edibles or oils, CBD creams bring targeted relief. Massaging CBD oil directly into the skin allows the natural compounds to be absorbed solely by the irritated area. Cannabidiol never reaches the bloodstream. For those suffering from irritable skin, this news is extraordinary.

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On top of its medical benefits, the soothing effects of CBD skincare

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