A new wave of entrepreneurs, including Chelsea Handler, brings ‘female esthetic’ to cannabis industry

Its merchandise includes small pipes — some made with real gold — as well as slim lighters, candles and bongs that can be flipped around to hide the mouthpiece and hold flowers, passing off as a fancy ceramic vase for visitors.

Co-founder Elsie Va said the “female esthetic” has been seriously lacking in the marijuana industry.

“In the past, if you walk down the street, there’s a head shop and you’d walk in and there would be snakes and skulls,” she said. “When looking for cannabis products, I didn’t see anything that I would want displayed in my home.”

According to Statistics Canada numbers from 2015, 48 per cent of men reported using cannabis in their lifetime, compared to 32 per cent of women, while eight per cent of men and three per cent of women reported using weed on a weekly or daily basis in the last three months.

But Va and others

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