University of Alberta Lays Out New Cannabis Rules, Including Designated Consumption Areas

For many colleges and universities, the idea of cannabis on campus is a nonstarter. Where cannabis laws don’t expressly forbid consumption or possession of marijuana at schools, school administrators have set clear policies prohibiting them. In the United States, these bans are so strict that they often prevent students with illness from bringing and taking their medicine at school, and have thus prompted legal challenges. In Canada, however, universities are taking a more progressive approach. On October 17, Canada will become the second country in the world to federally legalize cannabis. And rather than ban cannabis from campus outright, the University of Alberta is issuing guidelines for allowing cannabis possession and consumption on campus.

University of Alberta Okays Cannabis Consumption on Campus

On Tuesday, the Cannabis Working Group at the University at Alberta released a report on cannabis legalization and the university.

Analyzing the university’s purview regarding marijuana, as well

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