Think small. It’s not a bad approach when you’re looking for stocks that have the potential to deliver explosive returns in a relatively short amount of time. Small-cap stocks can sometimes double or more, and do so quickly. We asked three Motley Fool contributors to identify the small-cap stocks that look especially attractive. Here’s why […]

Another CBD Oil store is sprouting up in Eastern Idaho, and the owner says it’s perfectly legal. KPVI’s Deanne Coffin met up with CBD store owner Cody Hellickson who says he wants to help educate the community about the CBD products he produces and sells in his stores. Cody Hellickson produces and CBD oil locally […]

A new report in the renowned scientific journal Nature details how synthetic biologists at the University of California Berkeley have genetically engineered yeast that can produce marijuana’s main active ingredients of THC and CBD. This report is notable, researchers say, because this means that one has to do to create cannabinoids is feed the yeast […]

PAX 3 Fuchsia Flower Vape paxvapor.com/ $199 A flower vaporizer should hold cannabis flower with the same care that a fine glass vase holds a bouquet of roses. There ought to be stability, consistency and beauty. In a vaporizer’s case, it should, as Michelen-star chef Alice Waters wrote about cooking, “let things taste of what […]

Let’s hear it for Oregon, where recreational cannabis is providing an ongoing lesson in elementary economics and the role of government in the marketplace. Also, let’s hear it for Oregon, where the state’s cannabis producers have grown and processed so much product — a six or a seven-year supply, depending on who you ask, and that’s […]

In 1997, a man named Henk van Dalen found “the Holy Grail.” Starting in the 1970s, he’d grown his own cannabis, opened an Amsterdam coffeeshop and founded one of the world’s first cannabis seed banks, but he knew he was also capable of achieving a long-anticipated goal for cannabis breeding: discovering how to create feminized […]