Get rich quick: Are cannabis products the new avocado on toast?

On a trip to November’s MJBiz Conference, the world’s biggest cannabis convention that is held annually in Las Vegas, UK entrepreneur Johan Obel was surprised to be stopped at the airport – after all, cannabis has been legal in Nevada since 2017.

“It transpired that my healthstore-bought CBD pills tested positive for THC (the psychoactive ingredient of cannabis). I was sent straight back to the UK under federal rules.”

For Obel, who has set up a company in London called with his business partner Clemens Böninger, it’s part of the information and legislative fog that still afflicts the cannabis industry. “It’s growing so fast that it’s all a bit confused,” he says.

But could be part of the remedy. In January, Obel opens a pop-up shop in King’s Road, Chelsea for a couple of months. Why Chelsea and not say, more alternative Hackney? “Because it’s a high-end market

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