Golf fans say Phil Mickelson might betaking CBD oil at the Masters

Phil Mickelson

Image Source: The Big Lead

Phil Mickelson, a popular golf player is lurking at the Masters nearly 49 years old, planning to become a four-time green jacket winner and the oldest major championship in the history of gold.

He frequently talks about new things to try to stay young, powerful and a step ahead in the competition. Mickelson is also seen increasing his swing speed using Super Speed Gold, chewing gum during his round and, possibly taking CBD oil as well.

On Friday, at the 2019 Masters, several fans spotted Mickelson using a pipette to put a few drops of some liquid from a bottle into his mouth. The player didn’t intend to brag about his little liquid secret perhaps because it looks a little strange to the casual observer.

However, fans who themselves have tried CBD

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