Cannabis legalization gives new options for indoor gardeners

At just under seven months in, cannabis legalization is already starting to show a trickle-down effect on the gardening industry.

Under the new Cannabis Act implemented on Oct. 17, Canadians are allowed to grow up to four marijuana plants for personal use.

While some may have been growing the plant illegally before, Dutch Growers Garden Centre’s Rick van Duyvendyk thinks there’s no doubt that legalization has affected gardening products and practices.

“Before, we just had other types of fluorescent and incandescent grow lights,” he said. “With the whole cannabis market, which is a huge market, the researchers are getting money to do more experiments.”

Legalizing cannabis, previously an illegal substance and a taboo topic, has led to some simple advancements. One example is the variety of LED strips and lighting packages that can increase the lifespan of a plant.

Instead of placing a big light above the plant, researchers have found new ways to get

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