Flying high: What will TSA actually do with my weed if I’m traveling between two states where it’s legal?

FILE – A TSA employee searches the luggage of a United Airlines passenger at a security checkpoint at San Francisco International Airport on Aug. 10, 2006 | Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

The circumstances were perfect: I was meeting up with one of my best friends from college for our first visit to Portland, Oregon, and held the eager anticipation of what kind of antics we would get into during the exciting weekend ahead. Yet, preparing for this short vacation led me to Google something I’ve never searched for before:

Is it legal to bring marijuana on a plane from one state to another if it’s considered legal in both states?

Most websites’ answers were a resounding, seemingly obvious “no.” Go ahead, laugh at my naivety all you want, but after spending most of my life in the Midwest where recreational marijuana legalization seems to be

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