CBD-dedicated store to open in Moorhead Saturday

CBD of Moorhead, 2901 S. Frontage Road, will sell products are made from hemp that don’t have the psychoactive properties of cannabis but are said to help provide relief from a variety of ailments ranging from headaches to anxiety.

The store will sell gummies, creams, oils, coffee, tea, vape pens, bacon dog treats and peanut butter drops for dogs.

One of the business owners said the products can be used for healing purposes.

“It can help with anxiety (and) depression, it also can help . . . with Parkinson’s when tremors hit, with CBD it can help slow down the tremors, it can also help with pets even,” said co-owner Matt Stengl.

CBD of Moorhead is right off of Highway 10 north of the Meadows Gold Course.

Doors open Saturday at 10 a.m.

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