HiFi Hops Hits LA: A New Cannabis Beverage

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Cannacraft is one of the most dynamic pot companies in the state. In 2017, they would provide Lagunitas with terpenes for the original SuperCritical Ale. While Thorn Street Brewery in San Diego was the first to pull the terps-in-beer trick, it’s likely Lagunitas’s SuperCritical has proven the most widely distributed. There wasn’t actually any weed in it, of course, but now, times have changed.

Lagunitas CEO Maria Stipp and Brewmaster Jeremy Marshall joined Cannacraft’s Chief Strategy and Innovation Officer Tracey Mason at West Hollywood’s MADE Gallery for a private tasting event to discuss how the state’s now most popular THC-infused beverage came to be.

“If anybody knows anything about Lagunitas, they know cannabis is nothing new,” Tripp told the crowd. “It’s been a part of the company since, ever. And the question, really, was how do we bring that to life in the spirit of

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