New shop features CBD oil products: ‘It’s a silver bullet for a lot of problems’

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From left, London Wofford and Mary Lou Pendergast (of Vermont), Debbie Gragg, Joshua Gragg, Irene Smith, and Tiffany Salcito do the ribbon-cutting thing at CBD American Shaman, a new CBD shop at 1111 South Willow St., Manchester. Photo/Rob Greene

MANCHESTER, NH — Debbie Gragg recalls her cannabidiol (CBD) conversion. She had been suffering from the flu, almost to the point of pneumonia, and coughing fits had badly wrenched some of her chest muscles.

She applied a topical pain reliever containing CBD, a compound found in hemp and marijuana plants, and by morning, she said, there was no more pain.

Debbie said her son, Joshua Gragg, offered a gentle “I told you so” in response. Nowadays, Debbie is still using her topical CBD cream, and Joshua has just opened his second CBD specialty store, CBD American Shaman, at

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