Six Best CBD Cocktails in Fort Lauderdale and West Palm Beach 2019 – New Times Broward

Cannabidiol (CBD) cocktails are the latest, must-try drink trend. The non-psychoactive chemical found in hemp and cannabis has been creeping its way onto cocktail menus all over the country, and now you can find CBD-infused cocktails at bars all over South Florida.

While it won’t get you high, CBD still manages to deliver some of the non-trippy effects of weed. You might find yourself feeling a bit more relaxed after a few sips of these concoctions.

Taking charge of the trend in Broward and Palm Beach, Tap 42’s resident mixologist Paige Nast was among the first to launch a beverage program highlighting a number of CBD-infused cocktails including her most popular, appropriately dubbed Gin ‘N Chronic. Offered since February, it’s one of several new recipes crafted using Pure Relief‘s hemp-based cannabidiol.

“I started experimenting with CBD at home as soon as it became legal,” says Nast. “It’s

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