A look inside Tokyo Smoke’s new cannabis store at Yonge and Dundas

Tokyo Smoke’s newest Toronto location (and the only one that sells weed) has officially opened shop inside the former HMV at Yonge-Dundas Square. The owner, Colin Campbell, who worked in operations at Costco for the past decade, entered the lottery because he thought his retail experience could transfer over to running a cannabis store. Campbell had been to a few of Tokyo Smoke’s coffee shops around the city and liked their high-end vibe, so when he won he decided he wanted to partner with them.

Campbell worked with Tokyo Smoke’s design team to reimagine the former CD emporium’s interior. They drew inspiration from Tokyo Smoke’s two Manitoba stores, painting the exposed ceiling piping a moody grey, adding tile floors and installing sleek display casings. Right now, the store is only using 1,500 of the space’s 6,500 square feet. The rest will be unveiled this summer, making it the largest weed store in Canada. Here’s a look

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