Do different cannabis strains affect you in different ways? A DNA expert reveals the science.

Blue Dream. Sour Diesel. Maui Wowie. Chem Dawg.

Visit any dispensary, and you’ll instantly be greeted by a vast spread of different cannabis strains, all promising varying effects, flavors, and ratios of THC and CBD.

Whether you’re being introduced to a new strain or returning to a tried-and-true favorite, you might seek out a certain type to boost your creativity. Or, maybe you want something to help you wind down and veg out in front of the TV. There are even strains out there that allegedly improve performance in the bedroom.

But is the science behind this solid? Dr. Alisha Holloway isn’t so sure. In fact, her research on cannabis strains suggests that some of the varieties being sought out by consumers – Sour Diesel, for instance – may be something completely different than the name on their label.


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