Alfie Dingley’s mother says she still can’t access the cannabis her son needs, causing him to have life-threatening seizures again

Alfie Dingley, who has severe epilepsy, was one of several high profile cases that helped bring about the legalisation of medicinal cannabis.

After the boy became the first person in the country to be granted a licence for the drug last June – as a special case before the law change – his mother revealed how he was living seizure-free and learning to ride a bike.

But now the eight-year-old has grown used to the strain of the treatment and has begun to have fits again. Hannah Deacon says her son needs a new strain to be able to cycle between two products to overcome his tolerance – but because of the UK’s strict rules importing it into the country could take months.

It has lead her to post a tearful video to Twitter to beg for change in the system.

“The receptors get dulled by the same strain of THC

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