Bad News on Legalization Efforts in New Jersey and New York: Week in Review

For investors who have already cashed in on the U.S. “Big Marijuana” fundraising trend, the growing acceptance of cannabis among Britain’s political and business establishments is very promising. There’s also more than enough space in the market for new entrants to make an impact. Female CEOs and C-suite executives, in particular, are rising to the top of the industry because they understand the growing female consumer and their needs best.

For those looking to get into the industry, there are three main considerations you should be aware of: 

Adapt your skills to the market

The first stage is to find what you do best and how you can apply this. Luckily, as medical cannabis is one of the fastest growing markets in the world, with estimates of Europe’s medical cannabis market hovering around £100 billion by 2028, there is going to be an increasing number of business opportunities in the next decade.

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