Europe’s Medical Cannabis Markets: The Next Frontier

The medical cannabis market in Europe is attracting Canadian companies looking for early stage opportunities.

As the North American cannabis markets mature and become saturated with competing licensed producers, Europe’s early-stage cannabis market may represent the next frontier for pioneering companies looking to break into the industry. 

Home to more than 740 million people, Europe has twice the population size of Canada and the US combined. Arcview Market Research and BDS Analytics have both forecasted that government-subsidized healthcare spending will make Europe one of the world’s largest medical cannabis markets. For now, hemp and medical marijuana dominate the European landscape.

Europe is a prime market for CBD products

Countries across Europe are opening up their minds, their laws and their wallets to cannabis. While the legal status of cannabis is varied across Europe, many governments are taking a progressive approach. That began in 2003 with the legalization of medical cannabis

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