Author Kevin Barry on the threat heroin poses to rural communities, and why cannabis should be legalised

In the new issue of Hot Press, award-winning author and Ballinafad, County Sligo resident Kevin Barry highlights the dangers posed to rural Irish communities by heroin and other highly addictive opioids.
“What you see with this new strain of real rural poverty is the start of serious drug problems,” he asserts. “In the small Roscommon and Longford towns, there are heroin and opioid issues. It’s scary. These places are being left wide open for the horrendous epidemics we’ve seen in the US. It’s much easier to get dangerous drugs into small rural places where they’ve closed down the Garda station. When you’re 16 or 17 and there’s nothing else to do…”
Asked about the current cannabis decriminalisation debate, Barry continues: “Well, I hope for full legalisation. There is absolutely the case that not everybody is going to respond well to strong skunk weed; like, we know this. What’s interesting when

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