Eaze Cannabis Delivery Service’s Ex-Partner Files Lawsuit Over Fraudulent Debit/Credit Activities

A new type of lawsuit has been introduced within the cannabis industry and it has since surprised many – forcing some to feel uncomfortable with the situation. As per the claims made, the dispute is between competing cannabis delivery service providers, Eaze and Herban Industries, owned by DionyMed.

As reported by Cannabis Business Times, Eaze and Canadian-based, Herban Industries were former partners before splitting off. The Canadian firm decided to sue Eaze because of their inappropriate business operations. In particular, Eaze was blamed for processing transactions under different names so that their services can be accepted by banks – primarily to allow debit and credit payments.

The reason for suing Eaze was shared by CEO of DionyMed Brands, Edward Fields, who said the following:

“We are completely committed to operating in a compliant way and it’s important that there’s a level playing field for all participants in the cannabis ecosystem. We also believe

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