How Safe Is Your CBD? The FDA Is Asking—And You Should Too

There’s little doubt that CBD has become a way of life—a recent survey found that an estimated 64 million Americans have tried the chemical compound found in the cannabis plant that’s been linked to numerous wellness benefits, from reducing inflammation and sleeplessness to mitigating anxiety and acne. But similar to the supplement industry, CBD is largely unregulated. And with a wave of new cannabis cure-alls hitting the market (vape pens, skin patches, edible confections), uncertainty abounds in the search for a safe, effective product.

That might change: The FDA held its first public hearing on CBD last week, calling on experts to present research and recommendations to help shape potential regulations. Zoe Sigman, the program director for Project CBD, was among those in attendance at municipal Building 31 in Silver Spring, Maryland, to deliver comments. “It was packed,” she says of the hearing, which lasted for 10 hours and

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