Colorado Passes New Marijuana Hospitality Establishments Law for Social Cannabis Consumption

Last week, Colorado Governor Jared Polis signed into law a measure allowing businesses to apply for cannabis “social use” space licenses. This opens way for Amsterdam-style smoking lounges or coffee shops.

House Bill 19-1230 permits cannabis consumption in licensed marijuana hospitality areas.

Before signing the bill, Polis noted that Colorado has many residents and tourists who choose to take part in the legal use of cannabis, but until the bill, there has been no way for safely consuming marijuana in public.

As reported by Westword, dispensaries in Colorado will now have a chance to apply for tasting-room licenses which are similar to those for breweries. Other businesses will be in a position to make applications for private cannabis consumption licenses as well as limited on-site sales. Temporary special events licenses will also be available, and mobile marijuana lounges like limousines and tour buses will also be licensed but not be allowed

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