People can now shop for CBD and DVDs at Family Video

Keith Hoogland, president of Highland Ventures LTD., the corporate parent company of Family Video, got turned on to a CBD balm product as a remedy for his tennis elbow.
He was shocked at how quickly it cured the pain and decided to delve into some research about it.

He found there was not a lot of places where people could go and learn about the recently developed product and talk face-to-face with someone who could share the benefits of it.

So, he decided to bring the product to the Family Video communities and train employees to share about all it can do for pain and auto immune disorders.

“He saw there was a lack of ability to ask questions and have access to it. So he thought it was something we could get started on,” Oliver Owen, regional director of operations for Highland Ventures, said.

“This is something he really believes in, and we’re

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