Father’s Day 2019 Gift Ideas for the Cannabis-Loving Dad

A great many dads have been smoking cannabis since before you were alive. Encountering families with two or three generations of cannabis experience isn’t uncommon on the West Coast, and integrating the now-legal plant into traditional celebrations opens up new opportunities to connect.

Maybe your dad used to smoke, but quit for a long time, or maybe he’s recently gotten curious about the health benefits as age-related issues have manifested. As an adult hoping to bond with your dad over a shared joint, it can still feel awkward to bring up cannabis consumption, but reintroducing your pop to new products and delivery methods will help him stay with the times and learn something new.

For fathers who love gadgets, there’s stylish vaporizers for discreet use on the golf course. If dad likes to putter around in the yard, maybe he’d be interested in adding a few cannabis plants to the tomato

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