State Proposes Higher Cap On Cannabis Production, Most Residents Have Real IDs As Deadline Nears

New Mexico Proposes New Cap On Cannabis ProductionBy Morgan Lee Associated Press

New Mexico is proposing new cannabis production rules designed to shore up supplies to its medical marijuana program without flooding the rapidly expanding market.

The Department of Health published a proposal Tuesday to limit medical cannabis cultivation to 1,750 mature plants per licensed producer.

The prior 450-plant limit was struck down this year in response to a lawsuit by the state’s largest seller and the mother of a child who is reliant on cannabis oil to treat a form of epilepsy.

Immature seedlings shorter than 8 inches won’t count toward the limit so that producers can experiment with plant strains.

The production cap could increase starting in June 2021 if demands outstrip supplies.

Participation in the state’s medical cannabis program has grown rapidly in recent years after chronic pain and post-traumatic stress disorder were added to a list of qualifying medical conditions.

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